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Stephanie Young Calmwater Designs art nouveau pottery vases porcelain
Oh! Hi again!

The Collections

Over the years of creating, some themes-some series-some clear directions of study have emerged.  Best explored after the fact, I've organized some of my works into sweet little categories for your perusal.

Browsing through, perhaps you can see the workings of my brain, and the connections I am making by making. 

The Collections

All of these distinctive series are made by the same hand and heart.  The pieces tie together as a whole work, which will be completed when I put down my carving tools or croak. The infinite variety of subject and execution is the distinctive feature of my work, setting it apart from mass production wares.  I am a factory of one. And I have yet to grow up.

Some of the series will continue.  Some are finished.  Some of the eccentrics are one- offs. Though I reserve the right to make pterodactyl vases exclusively for the rest of my working days.  Especially because I've learned to spell pterodactyl without spell check, and it seems wasteful to not revel in that hard fought achievement. 

All of these works are sold. More are in the making. 

"A place for everything, everything in its place"*

Forest Series

Stephanie Young Forest Series vases.  Art nouveau explorations of forest flora and fauna.

Mushrooms-trees-worms-critters-leaves-acorns-rocks-very small rocks-newts-birds-newtbirds

Sunset Series

sunset series beautiful art nouveau vases Stephanie Young Calmwater Designs Plaistow NH

Sunsets-sunrises-morning skies-twilights-moonscapes-potentially northern lights but i need to see em' first.

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Art nouveau Luna Moth vase Stephanie Young Calmwater Designs. Hand carved Porcelain.

Moths-butterflies-fireflies-mayflies-shoofly pies-beetles-bees-wasps-cicadas-earwigs-roaches-occasional arachnid

Ocean Series

Art Nouveau ocean shell vase Calmwater Designs Plaistow NH



Art Nouveau Floral vases of artist Stephanie Young, Calmwater Designs Plaistow NH

Art Nouveau flow-flowers-blossoms-buds-dogwoods-swirls-patterns-beautiful things


Industrial art Nouveau eccentric vases by eccentric artist Stephanie Young

Industrial scenes-libraries-dinosaurs- root vegetables-ufo's-elephants-smoked meats-hot air balloons yay!

To see them all...

There's thousands.  All over the world. All sold.  Many without proper photographs or documentation.  You get the gist of my spirit with what you see here. For more current images/info/ babble:

*Quote by Benjamin Franklin