Sunset Series

Stepping out of my studio one evening, after a long day of carving...I looked forward- across my glamourless busy road and saw a sunset behind the silhouette of trees and powerlines.  The colors radiating from behind the relative black branches...and something struck. Inspiration like lightning. I turned right back around and into the studio to think.

How could a vase like that be made?

Glass, yes.  I remember being mesmerized by stained glass as a child.  Having stood before a Tiffany window...with it's radiant colors and clear dark divisions., little me was in a trance. But in porcelain?

Experiments and musings and mistakes and more mistakes led to the first little sunset vase, I don't quite know when it arrived but I know Ellen M. has it.   

Each and every one of us has looked up at a beautiful sunset and stopped for a moment.  Every one of us has a picture on our phone that doesn't quite capture its essence.  Since the creation of the first vase, I've looked up at every sunset I haven't been under a roof for. Even then I'm spying out windows:) Inspired by my worldwide travels, cross country drives, my humble little road. The looking, the seeing, has expanded the series to include twilights, sunrises, and morning scenes. Swamps and marshes...oaks with spanish moss. Pine trees.  Apple trees.  Palm trees.  The silhouettes of fields as if you were a child laying in the grass hiding from your stinkin' brother. Oil derricks and wheat and powerlines. And now...churches.

An ever expanding series.  I'm excited to walk on this path. Join me in watching the evolution.

*quote by Bern Williams