Forest Series

I grew up playing in the woods.  By playing, I mean essentially a wild little wolf child, most of my time was spent exploring and documenting.  When not building forts, a skill in which I hold an advanced degree:)

I knew exactly which logs were likely to hide an Eastern Spotted Newt beneath.  The catfish liked the small pond and the pickerel liked the back end of the lake. I knew every tree and every rock and attempted to skim every critter out of the pond with my net.  There were not enough mayonnaise jars for my scientific findings. And I was indeed desperate to become a scientist, documenting, drawing, collecting.  For no greater purpose save for understanding it all. The connections.

Now I walk through the woods like the civilized woman that I am, smelling the everything and looking around. Occasional forays off the path, turning logs or getting a closer look at a mushroom.

Funny now how the woods seem so large now, and sometimes intimidating without the tethers of civilization. They seemed so small at the time, and I was roaming about on many hundreds of acres.  I thought nothing of specifically targeting poisonous plants for collection or grabbing a snake by it's ass end. Now, such delights give me pause.

When meditating in a wooded place, I enjoy the song.  The leaf sounds and bug buzz and water lapping.  To be free from the intrusion of a man-made sound, for just a moment, is what I seek. 

*quote by John Muir