Art Nouveau...a stunning and brief moment in art history.  The aesthetics of the movement have always sung to me, and I can see the same love in the melting of a person when they enter my booth at a show.  It's a feeling - a harmony of line and form- that can't quite be put into words.  It tastes like an indulgent dessert - made of nature and man and math and time. It just feels "right" to zee humble potter.

I seek to expand upon the works of Art Nouveau past, and have indeed developed my own voice within the mathematic formulas that tie the movement together.  A continuation of the movement perhaps?  Just a brief century long stop along the way, I've got it back up and running.

The lines, and aesthetics, as I understand them - come from nature.  And I can see that in my studies of natural form.  And into the mix there must be romance, Art Nouveau is just dripping with it, is it not? Romance, love, passion...I have that in abundance.  So here I am, making these vases.

 All of my work has Art Nouveau at its heart, these are the ones that are predominately heart:)

*quote by Leonardo da Vinci