"Learning Never exhausts the Mind"*


My inspirations, obsessions, and fixations are extensive.  Individual vases and the series they are within may have their own written words about them. Here rambles a list of the inspirations that are within the foundation of every piece I create...


Nature is within all of my pieces.  I explore thousands of motifs created by the physical forms of flora and fauna.  Many are things I saw when I was little Stephanie, so there are memories there. But I inspire myself everyday...with walks. With museums visits.  Reading and researching. The natural subjects speak to me, and they speak to you- though perhaps we hear two different dialogues?  Isn't that lovely? 

Art Nouveau

I love everything about the sultry, luscious lines of Art Nouveau.  There is something about it that makes my heart sing and inspires the mind.

Antiques, History

Many of my designs within the architectural elements are inspired by old silver, fancy doorknobs, hats, you name it,  it inspires me if it's over a century old.  My work sometimes incorporates the Art Deco, the Arts and Crafts, and Victorian aesthetics as well. My mother was an antique dealer, I grew up in a house of beautiful old things. I am vehemently anti-IKEA.


I have studied thousands of buildings all over the world, and researched their construction on occasion.  I am drawn to ornamented window frames, doorframes, and building ornament as a whole. From Art Nouveau facades in Budapest to lusciously decorated temples in South Korea, they all have given me pieces in my minds eye that I put forth into the work.  We all admire the beautiful buildings of past, not a one of us falls in love with the facade of a Walgreen's. There is the feeling of architecture encompassing the form of each piece, and the subject within.


I create within a meditative state.   A certain clarity is attained within my meditation where the subject matter for each piece emerges quite quickly onto the form via a light sketch.  It's a sudden thing, no struggle, no strife. Then, time time time is spent in the carving of the design...also within a lighter meditative state or smitten with an audiobook.  My practice with energy healing has informed my work, and you can feel it within the vases. My studio is sacred space.

Sacred Geometry

Last, but most important, is the sacred geometry.  Divine mathematics, call it what you will...it is the mathematical formula and computations that are within all things in nature.  It is the blue print.

Using the mathematical ratios of harmony, I will create the piece accordingly, throwing the form with certain proportions of width to height.  Then there is the designation of the vertical distances between the foot the body and the rim.  Each of those three elements have diameters that  must balance each other as well.

When designing, within my meditation, the vase is divided into a designated number of "panels" based on the form's ratios.

The "cap line" and "foot line" are drawn to accentuate the ratios thereof.

The sacred geometry often extends into the subjects as well.

As there is a blue print to natural creation, I have simply studied it and followed the formula within my own creations, to the best of my abilities.  A nifty, nerdy hobby :)

*Leonardo da Vinci