It's full of good stuff

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Accolades will be listed

Resume will be completely fabricated

But for now, here's some frequently asked questions:



Where can I buy your work?

I do shows where I display my vases.  There's a link below to the page with details...I'd love to meet you!  It's so great to meet someone from the interwebs! I've been told time and time again my work looks better in hand than in pictures,  and I love the idea of you being able to choose a special piece from among many before you. "People" say I'm "nice" too. Please come early to a show, as my work tends to be whisked away quite quickly!

I also list one vase a day, when available and not needed for a show, in my shoppe for purchase. I offer free worldwide shipping and a complimentary love note. Check back daily, as they are listed randomly with the notion that the exact right piece will find the exact right person with this method.

I do not sell in galleries or shops.  The demand for the vases exceeds my capacity for making zee vases, and I am eternally grateful for this.

Upcoming show page

Online Shoppe (till you drop!)

All of the vases in your shoppe are sold?


Each vase sells within minutes of being listed. I shit you not. Astounds me every time.  I hope there is the perfect one for you there, available, exactly when you are looking for it.

Can I visit your studio?


No!  Don't do it!  Pre-morning coffee I bite! Granted, you'd be getting bit by a sleepy eyed blonde in her kimono robe, but I am not up on my shots and it ain't worth the risk. 

 I have no attention span, and the nature of my work demands long periods of intense concentration and meditation.  Do not disturb. My workspace is consecrated sacred space for invited guests only. I know you will likely bring me gifts (Shout out to diva that brought me Glenlivet!).  And I bet you'd be awesome and buy something. And I would love to meet you, and for you to meet me.  But... it is embarrassing to be caught crying over the Moth Podcast by the UPS dude, much less a fan of my work.  I have uncomfortable chairs.  Everything's kind of dirty.  I eat sardines, as will you if you dare visit. 

May I commission a piece? I've asked you a couple of times....


I apologize for any negligence in my correspondence.  If you have emailed, messaged, puffed a smoke signal or reached out in any way.... I've heard you.....and I thank you.  You love my work and that means the world to me!  The response to my work is extraordinary, overwhelming.  I then react to the attention like a feral cat at a fancy dinner party....RUN.... HIDE.  That's sensitive me:)  You'll have to kind of show up at my studio and put one of those loop things for wild dogs around my neck for a commission. *

*please don't

At this time, it is important for me to create exactly what I am being guided to create by the creative powers that be. I will offer commissions in the future.

Did you get my email?


I did! I am sorry ...I don't check it as much as I should.  I get swept into the studio first thing in the morning. And then I do check later in the day, and there's a lot, so I hide back in the studio.  I feel like a dink for neglecting so many nice people, but I'll continue on with this self wounding behavior in perpetuity it appears.  I am working on being more kind, and managing my time better. And folding laundry properly. And taking vitamins. Grownup stuff.

Isn't this a crappy business model? Nothing for sale, you're a recluse, and you don't take commissio


It absolutely is! This ain't no business!  It is a miracle that I survive!  This was never supposed to work out, my dream of making art,  waiting tables was where I was at.  I'm really just an artist making things that I love, that are loved by many.  Wildly enough - this has indeed started to resemble a business.!  For over a decade!  Shazam!  I pay my bills, eat food, and get to make more vases. I win.

 But don't be fooled dear reader.... when it comes down to brass tacks, I'm just a maniac making things late into the evening, with no other intent other than to create objects of light, love, and beauty that will be collecting dust on our sphere long after we croak.

Do you have a great recipe for buttercream frosting?

I sure do! Great Grandma Young really rocked out this one for 97 years!  Here you go! 

I see your work on Ebay for twice the price...what gives?

 That's not me! Yikes! Some folks have been buying things and flipping them for a profit.  They don't understand my work like you do, it's a commodity.  Sometimes a person loves it but needs to free up space for more lovelies. If you're crushin' on that Ebay piece, and it speaks to you, buy it. I will never make another. 

What if I croaked tomorrow? CHA CHING! You better believe all sorts of vases of mine would turn up on there.  It's kinda weird to see my stuff up on there like that because I'm very much alive and taking my vitamins, but hey... investing in art is a real thing, I'm doing it with artists I believe in.  I don't trust the stockmarket as much as I trust the permanence of beauty, how about you? 

You should raise your prices!


Maybe, but nah.  I have in the past,  I will in the future, as things get more expensive.  Cost of sardine adjustments.  The prices reflect that I represent myself, there is not a gallery doubling the price and taking 50% of the proceeds (well deserved, they work hard).

I need money to live, and I'm living just fine!  Thank you!  It's because you're in love with my work. Because of your continued support.  Because of the way you share me with your friends and family, it's built my living in a way I couldn't do myself.  WHEN I win the lottery on a Tuesday, everything will be free.  Until then, I'll continue on in this grand endeavor.

Do you write? You should write a book!

I have begun the first. To be finished by the end of 2020

There are many more questions that deserve answering

And the FAQ will continue on as I continue creating my work:)