Stephanie Young creates unique carved porcelain vessels.  Each piece is wheelthrown, trimmed, and carefully carved by hand with very simple tools and a tremendous amount of time.  Her work uses design elements from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, and her forms are reminiscent of Rookwood, Roseville and Tiffany pottery.  Many of the works are additionally carved with natural subjects, from the New England outdoors.  Each vase is glazed using a layering process, resulting in unique finishes and colors for each piece.

      She studied at the Art Institute of Boston, initially painting and drawing.  Both her mother and grandmother were antique dealers, instilling in Stephanie a deep appreciation for beautiful antiquities.  While these forms and designs are firm in her heart and mind, she supplements her creative mind library with the patterns of local architectural details, antique silverplate, tin ceiling tiles etc…  She is observing and recording the details of immediate environment onto the surface of the vessel.

      Each piece leading to the next, you will not see duplicates of a piece, but rather a family….several pieces of unique sizes and shapes sharing a common subject or glaze combination.  One can see the subjects and architecture being explored and refined as the pieces are created.  She works from miniature to kiln sized, perfume bottles to lamps, all with the unifying elements of sound artistic design.

      Stephanie has taught ceramics and managed studios in the Boston area for over 10 years.  She has worked with vast numbers of children , teens and adults, learning with them both handbuilding and wheelthrowing skills.  She currently teaches at the Harvard Ceramic Program and Wheelock College.  She is a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  She is represented in many of their stores, in addition to galleries in and around Boston.  When not making ceramics, she enjoys pretty much everything else.

Carved Porcelain by Stephanie Young

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