"Shoppe" spelled fancy because we so fancy.

Welcome! New Work will be available here most evenings

I apologize for the travel/flu/enlightenment/pandemic related delays that have kicked my tuchus in the last couple weeks.

Vases will be listed as they are created, one a day, likely towards the evening.

I'm not saying a specific time, as your internet connection might be suffering like mine..




One vase a day, most days. 

Here's the skinny....

  • Everyday, I'm listing one vase for purchase.
  • Check in on Facebook or Instagram for previews of newly fired works.
  • All of my shows for the forseeble future have been cancelled, so please check here often for new work. I love you, I'm sorry we can't meet again for a while dear collectors.  
  • If there is not a vase listed for purchase before 10pm, there will be not be one listed for that day. 
  • Each will be unique, every design I do, new designs as well.
  • Everything may appear to be sold, because those listed are.  Each piece is collected within minutes. A new one will pop up first in line daily, please check back often. The demand for them exceeds my ability to create them.
  • Occasionally, I'll list a lamp or a paperweight or other fab thing.
  • I do not accept commissions or special requests. Thank you. I am currently working on a "batch" of commissioned works, and will offer similar in the future.
  • Please check back often for your special piece... if it's not in the shoppe.... I'm working on it!  I promise you that, and so it is:)
  • Perhaps meet me at a show? Ugggh...I'm editing the site but I'm leaving that line.  Someday.  Shows are wonderful, for you and me. The shows have been cancelled as they should be, given the times.  
  • Should a show (that will go unnamed) keep the artist's prepaid booth fees...mine included...$500k worth? No. They did, and it hurts hundreds of small artists trying to realize our dreams while paying our bills. Many of us will not survive the economics of this pandemic.  I do hope our money, my money, helps you pay your bills Linda;)

You-dear reader- are amazing.  You know that don't you? Not just pumping your tires here,  there's a place for you in this world and you're filling it perfectly.  


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